Project video: Johma


Visiongeek and Johma colaborated to optimize the packaging process of salads. The vision technology solution diminishes the number of non conformities when starting up the production lines. Next to that the automized packing quality checks result in lower work pressure for the team leaders. Efficient working processes are key at Johma. Watch the video to see how vision technology helps the largest salad producing company in the Netherlands. 

What is vision technology?

Humans are very well equipped to observe, evaluate and make decisions on the basis of this information. But human visual perception also has limitations. If you want to perform continuous inspections at high speeds, where the results give insight into the root causes, then vision technology offers you the answer!

Vision technology is a collective term for all the components that allow inspection of the quality of objects. The system communicates the findings or decisions of this inspection to various parties:

  • The operator
  • Other equipment within the production line, like robot operating systems
  • Information systems, such as, for example, a monitoring system or an ERP package

Short- and long-term process optimisation

At Visiongeek, we attach enormous importance to the needs of our customers. In order to arrive at a reliable solution, your input is essential.

Based on this, we draw up a concrete plan of action to develop a robust solution that optimises your production.

  • to reduce production costs
  • reduce the number of defective products
  • protect the end consumer and your brand image
  • to ensure better compliance with quality and safety standards
  • to inspect moving objects correctly and accurately.

The processed data drive automation and lead to long-term process improvements in a variety of industrial environments.

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