Emsys starts 2018 in a festive and sporty mood with a game of curling

Emsys starts 2018 in a festive and sporty mood with a game of curling

The fact that we live by the motto “work hard, play hard” is hardly a secret. And feel free to take this literally … After our successful 50th anniversary celebrations, we were recently treated to another outing, this time to start the New Year in a festive mood.

Visiongeek and PSS aim for target

Wearing sturdy shoes and warm clothes, we challenged each other on the ice for a game of curling.  Just like the real thing, we were divided into two teams and we outlined a strategy to guide the heavy stones towards the target. Not easy if you’ve never done this before.

As for the outcome of the game, we can keep it brief 

In contrast to our professional approach to projects, where precision and results prevail, our focus on the ice failed to make the grade. ? However, we more than made up for this with our drive, enthusiasm and collegiality, which resulted in an unprecedented victory in terms of team spirit.

At the end of this sporting activity, we evaluated our efforts over a lovely meal.

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