Halcon software

Halcon software

Visiongeek gathers high resolution footage, using Halcon Software for image acquisition

Delivering a successful machine vision system depends on various aspects, but the most important one is a flawless image acquisition and processing. To gather high resolution footage which gives us insight your error margin, we are working with Halcon daily. This software has been developed by MVTec and ensures several advantages.

Early proof of concept thanks to independent set-up

Halcon works independently from other software or hardware providers. That way it is able to communicate easily with different cameras, frame grabbers and I/O interfaces. In addition, Halcon works perfectly on a wide range of operating systems, like: Windows, Linux or even embedded systems, that are fitted with the latest ARM technology.

These features make it possible to choose the best performing components and test them thoroughly in our own lab. That way we are able to offer our clients a proof of concept of a wide range of inspection tasks,  in an early stage of your project.

State-of-the-art software puts you in pole position

MVTec focusses on the best quality. All the algorithms have been developed by professionals and tested thoroughly before launching them. Once they have been launched, MVTec continuously add functionalities, which are in line with the latest cutting edge technologies.

This continuous innovation puts you in pole position of your competitors. Just think about automatic parallelisation, GPU processing, new texture analyse algorithms or even deep learning.

Accurate information about error margin

As soon as the images can be uploaded in the memory of our computer, we are able to start the image acquisition.

Halcon has an elaborate library of algorithms, that make use of the latest CPU and GPU technology. By defining the settings and combining the algorithms, the system is able to charge raw pixel information into relevant data for your inspection task. Reducing the processing time, we are able to capture detailed information even at high speeds.

The subpixel precision of the implemented algorithms result in a high accuracy, up to micron level, which means we are able to visualize even the smallest defects

Do you want to run an accurate error detection in your existing production, without losing time to market? Visiongeek offers you detailed information, without large investments. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.