Vision solutions based on preliminary proof

Vision solutions based on preliminary proof

Visiongeek runs tests and provides insight in performance and success rate

A well performing vision solution helps you to optimize your production unit and to identify trends. In order to succeed, your partner needs to choose the right vision components and position all of them precisely to get the insights you want.

At Visiongeek we have our own test lab, which makes it possible to test all of the components in an early stage of your project.

Insight in performance and success rate

Running some tests reveals the performance of all different components. Is one of them incompatible or not performing like it should? We are able to act immediately. As an independent agency, we are not committed to specific brands. This means we can always seek for the best performing solution, within the market.

On the other hand, a test lab gives us the opportunity to investigate the efficiency of recently launched vision parts. That way we can determine whether they can add value to future projects.

Vision solutions based on preliminary proof

Our Visiongeek team is very experienced. However we will never create a solution, which is based on our expertise only. By running different tests in our lab, we are able to submit a proof of concept.

A well founded method gives insight in the various opportunities of process automation. This enables us to detect issues in your process early in your project.

Visiongeek has its own test lab available

Visiongeek - Test lab

Set up to check whether the coating has been applied even on headlights.

Set-up om na te gaan of de coating egaal verspreid werd op koplampen, opdat die vuilafstonden zijn.

Visiongeek - Test lab

Set-up om na te gaan of de rand van een plastic beker mooi egaal is en dus niet als scherp ervaren wordt.

What can we test in our lab?

  • Can the system maintain the speed of the existing production?
  • Do camera and lens produce high resolution images, as requested?
  • Is the light source powerful enough and does it has the right characteristics to light up the object at high speed?
  • The signal transmission from and towards the encoder, PLC, the interface of the camera, the interface of the computer,…

Monitoring in the field excludes disruptions

This first testing doesn’t give all the answers! We can only guarantee a well performing solution, if we take into account the ambient conditions, such as: dust, sunlight, vibrations, humidity,… These conditions affect the result of our measurements.

Therefor it is crucial to test a prototype of every solution in the field. The results of those observations give us all the tools we need to take action:

  • Limiting the influencing factors in close collaboration with our customers.
  • Making the measurements dynamic instead of static.

Do you want to automate the inspection within your production unit and are you seeking a reliable partner? Visiongeek dives into your question and investigates the feasibility of machine vision in our own test lab. Are you thinking out of the box? Don’t hesitate to contact us. As a solid partner, we like to brainstorm about the different options.