Case Hamal Signature

HAMAL Signature

Multi-detection with 2D camera technology


  • Non-contact measurement
  • Very accurate
  • High speed measurement

Project description Hamal Signature

Hamal Signature is a producer of prepared salads. In order to meet the high food safety standards, our client needed an inspection system which could check whether the label is in accordance to the content of the package, if it is positioned correctly and seamlessly attached to the package.

Flow control system

This system is integrated at Hamal Signature, manufacturer of food products. This inspection machine performs 8 check-ups on individual cups, at a speed of 130 pieces a minute.

  • Presence cover
  • Cover correctly applied
  • Presence label
  • Right label in relation to the production order
  • Label on cover correctly applied
  • Labels correctly applied to the sides
  • Right cup
  • Additional inscriptions or labels (for ex. bonus points)

Project developments

Visiongeek developed a compact vision system with conveyor and ejection unit, which is only 800 mm wide and can easily be integrated into an existing production environment.

First of all the vision software determines the position of the cup. Then the software runs the 8 check-ups in 5 milliseconds per control. Each control results in data that will be registered. Hamal Signature can accurately verify what the reason is of non-compliance and the reason of ejection.

In addition, Visiongeek provided a unique functionality, which can check if the labels are attached correctly and are pressed firmly on the deflected side of the cup. This prevents problems later on in the fully automated packaging line.

​​​​​​​Benefits inspection system

  • Laser technology allows an extremely precise check-up of the position and the kind of labelling
  • The system is linked to the existing production system, whereby no extra set-up of settings are needed
  • Together with the data of ejections, also the corresponding images are stored. This permits process optimization on the long run.

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