Case Johma Salades B.V.

Johma salades



  • ​​​​​​​Contactless measurement
  • Accuracy on micron-level
  • Offline inspection

Description project Johma Salades

Johma is a Dutch company specializing in the production of chilled fresh salads. The company operates in a responsible manner. Johma pays great attention to the choice of ingredients and considers it absolutely necessary to meet the standards regarding food safety.

Johma chose a vision system from Visiongeek to support the team leader in the inspection of packaging.

The result:

  • Saving time in product changeovers.
  • Reduction in the number of errors.

Initially, the operator had to inspect the packaging, contents, production date and position of a specific bowl and compare these with the reference when starting each production run. This manual inspection was then confirmed by the team leader, which resulted in a delay of +/- 10 minutes.

The further optimizations of the vision system prove that Visiongeek is more than just a sales pitch!

Ward Zwiers – Team leader at Johma Salades B.V.

Automatic inspections takes a maximum of 60 seconds.

Thanks to Visiongeek, Johma is saving valuable time. The vision system checks the bowl using  various criteria and saves this information as the reference framework.


  • Choice of right bowl
  • Choice of correct lid
  • Correct label
  • Check of the seal

This off line inspection occurs once on a separate line for one specific product. The vision system emits a correct/incorrect assessment.

If it detects an error, production cannot be started. If the product appears to be completely consistent with the reference, the system emits a signal to start production. The operator receives a sticker to add to the work order as a confirmation.

Visiongeek collaborates on the best solution. And above all, communication was really smooth.

Ward Zwiers – Team leader at Johma Salades B.V.

Speed and precision provide insight into error margins

Right now, a vision system simultaneously performs various inspections on four different lines.

All data from these inspections are saved by Johma. The Food Safety Agency requires all companies to be able to submit all data per batch for one year after production.

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