Diffuse refelection technique

Diffuse reflection technique

Are you convinced of the fact that inspecting curved or cylindrical objects is impossible? Guess what! Visiongeek helps you to optimize your flow and to reduce production errors.

We developed a machine vision system which inspects your production automatically and in line. As a result, it detects both surface and shape errors.

Vision technology inspects cylindrical objects

Your production is running at full capacity. A huge quantity of curved objects with different characteristics, such as shape, colour, diameter or height are passing at high speed. These circumstances make it difficult to detect small imperfections.

Vision technology could offer you detailed and objective information! But for that, high resolution footage is necessary. This is why we are choosing the most effective vision components, and positioning both the light source and the line scan camera in the exact position towards each other.

This set up makes it possible to capture and measure diffuse reflection of light on the object, instead of specular reflection.

Rotation gives full insight

Positioning the object on a rotation platform, makes it possible to measure the entire circumference of the cylindrical object. Products passing at high speed? The current set-up is able to inspect one object every second. This means the system is able to produce a correct image of this object, without deformation due to its curving shape.

Did you know that the speed of data capturing is influenced by the supply of objects, your rotation capacity and the dimensions of the objects you are producing? This is why we always start from scratch.

Parameters, evaluation and proactive maintenance

Together with our clients, we set the error margins. During the production process, all images and measurements will be captured. Thanks to the software we developed, the system is able to decide whether the defect is acceptable or not.

But do you really want to be one step ahead of your competition? Visiongeek offers you the opportunity to save those data in a database. It offers you all the tools to evaluate trends in your production and to set up proactive maintenance, a continuous follow-up of your production unit and insight in necessities of technical maintenance.

Limit your defect rate, invest in vision technology. Triggered to learn more about the features of this machine vision technique? Contact us or subscribe to our newsletter.

diffuse reflection of light will help you to inspect curved objects