In line dimension tracker

inline dimension tracker

In a production environment, it is often difficult to detect small imperfections , captured from a larger distance. Would you like, however, to apply an extremely accurate and continuous control? Deploy vision technology.

Thanks to the In line dimension tracker of Visiongeek, it is possible to check the quality of your products in line on the right dimensions and defects.

In addition, this vision system offers the ability to compare the result of the measurement one by one, with CAD drawings. You don’t have   any technical drawing available yet? Using the triangulation technique you’ll have all the tools to create your own CAD drawing or reference model.

Dimension control thanks to 3D laser triangulation

In order to achieve extremely precise results, we are using the Sheet of Light technique (SOL). This technique is based on 3D laser triangulation in which just one camera and a precise light source are used.

The light source provides enough light, which is projected on the object that should be judged. Taken into account the position and orientation of this light source in relation to the camera, the system can detect exactly the position and shape of the laser line. Based on this information, a 3D point cloud of the object can be created.

Calibration of this point cloud ensures accurate information about the exact size of the object in terms of height, width and depth. This allows the system to determine the actual dimensions of the object. If necessary even on micron-level! We rolled out this technique successfully at Vandersanden Group, manufacturer of bricks.

SOL technique delivers details even at high speed

Unlike other 3D techniques, the Sheet of Light technique performs a measurement on subpixel level. As a result we obtain a depth resolution of the distance from the camera to the object, divided by 1000 (WD/1000).

Depending on the type of camera a very high data speed can be achieved. Just think about 10,000 3D profiles a second. Any 3D profile contains 2000 measurement points, which results in a measurement speed of 20 million 3D points per second. But that‘s not all! The better the performance of the camera, the higher the measuring speed.

This means that the In line dimension tracker, using the SOL-technique, a highly accurate control on the spot guarantees, at very high speeds and that from a relatively large distance.

Vision technology shows clearly variations


Samples or manual controls are unnecessary. In addition, this system saves all images and associated measurement values in a database. This allows us to measure variations in the production process and to analyse them. Keeping this information in mind, it is possible to optimise the entire process and reduce the ejection percentage structurally in the long.



This technique offers many other possibilities. Just think about determining the position of objects within the production line, controlling robots, detecting colour gradations, … Curious about what vision technology can do for you? Sign up for our newsletter or contact us! Together we determine the most efficient solution.

Check The exact dimension of products and compare them with A CAD drawing?