Maybe you well know what you want to achieve with your vision technology, and we'll quickly reach a completed project. Would you rather examine the options in more detail? Do you already have in-house expertise regarding vision technology, or is it completely new to you?

If you want to reduce errors during production, you don't have to work frantically.  Everything starts with an introductory conversation. At the start of each project we address your requests with an open view.  Our experience teaches us that this is the approach necessary to find a solution best suited to your specific needs.

Preliminary study

We analyze questions in great detail and examine how vision technology can help you optimizing your production process. In order to create new and better solutions, it is essential to have some insights into the possibilities of vision technology.

It might sound like rocket science. But we make sure we are on the same frequency. On top of that, all concepts are extensively tested at an early stage.


Not every problem requires far-reaching new ideas. But rarely is the best answer ready-made. By approaching each problem in an open-minded manner, we can better delineate the problem.

We thoroughly investigate which vision components are necessary to perform the most detailed detection and image capture. Once we know all the parameters, we check whether we can call on our best practices or whether we should start from scratch.


Often, there is more than one way to develop a robust solution. Therefore, it is important that each idea is thoroughly tested to determine whether it is efficient. We do this in our own test lab.

The conditions in a lab are never exactly the same as on site. Lighting, reflections, vibrations, .... to name but a few variables. This is why we also test the system on site in advance, so pilot projects are necessary for choosing components and adjusting them where necessary in order to obtain a sound solution.


A smooth implementation starts with good preparation. A vision project is a total project in which different areas of competence come together. That is why we create a combined project team with our people, as well as the person responsible for quality, production and engineering on site.

This results in a PMBOK approach, which means everything runs according to the agreed timetables and is within budget. A standard lead time is 6 to 8 months on average. This is followed by a 3-month period, during which the vision parameters are further refined on the basis of recorded production variables.


Every vision system must continue to function optimally. That's where our customer support packages come in.

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