Multi detection machine packaging

 Multi detectiON machine

Whether its food you are producing, pharmaceutical products or consumer goods. Any product intended for sale, must be provided with the appropriate product information. A correct and qualitative labelling is therefore a requirement!

An automatic controlling system helps you to detect bad packaging, in the short term. Don’t invest your time in random check-ups anymore. Install the extremely accurate and reliable Multi-detection machine.

Fast and automatic error detection

Using just one camera, in combination with an adapted lighting, this vision inspection system can check your products automatically, at a very high speed and at various levels.

The Multi-detection machine checks whether the label is in accordance with the content of the package, as well as it is positioned correctly and seamlessly attached to the packaging.

Applying a uniform light intensity, reflections are excluded and a correct image is captured by the camera. Even if transparent packaging is passing on the conveyor, you will get an extremely detailed info. If an error occurs, compressed air blows the object automatically from the line.

Flexible set-up

Do you  start a new production? This system learns new designs, packaging formats or positioning of the labels quickly and automatically. This offers enormous advantages when it comes to rapidly changing production lines, such as at Hamal Signature, producer of prepared salads.

Compact installation, easy integration

This machine is only 800 mm wide and contains vision technology, to guarantee automatic control, as well as a conveyor belt and an ejection unit. This compact setup, allows you to implement it easily into an existing production environment.

By adjusting a few components and/or the software, this machine can also deployed in your production environment, adapted to your specific requirements and wishes.

Vision technology provides insight into the production process

Vision technology makes it possible to obtain very accurate images of an object at a specific point in the production line. By capturing and merging all data in a database, this technology enables to evaluate the entire production process and to generate structural improvements, in the long run.

Could this this system be a crucial asset in your environment? But you still have questions? Or do you want to know more about our approach? Please contact us. We examine together how vision technology.