Short- and long-term process optimisation

Vision technology allows us to create extremely detailed in-line images in the production process. This enlightens us about the quality of a production run, as well as small deviations. It is important that the right components are selected and perfectly matched.

We use laser technology, as well as 2D and 3D techniques to capture and process images. After all, a well-considered design of a vision system gives our customers additional short- and long-term information that enables them to scrutinise the entire process.

At Visiongeek, we attach enormous importance to the needs of our customers. In order to arrive at a reliable vision solution, your input is essential.

Based on this, we draw up a concrete plan to develop a robust solution that automates your inspections to

  • reduce production costs
  • reduce the number of defective products
  • protect the end consumer and your brand image
  • ensure better compliance with quality and safety standards
  • inspect moving objects correctly and accurately.

The processed data drive automation and lead to long-term process improvements in a variety of industrial environments.

Our solutions

You may well know what you want to achieve with vision technology and together, we will soon arrive at a well-defined project. Would you rather explore the possibilities in the broad sense? Do you have a lot of knowledge in-house or is it all new to you?

Every company is different. Each project is different, whether the solution is custom-made, is one where we rely on best practices or in the event that our customers want extra advice or support.