Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition

Is your business unit facing problems inspecting a continuous supply of large surfaces at a speed of 100 meters per minute or even more? 

Visiongeek developed a machine vision system, focused on pattern recognition. This solution gives precise insight in defects such as: holes, pattern and/or colour defects, stains,… on paper, linoleum, vinyl flooring, textile, plastic foils or even the production of tiles.

Fingerprints as basis for an accurate error detection

In the first phase, this machine vision system builds up a reference by frequently and dynamically sampling a wide range of unique characteristics of the material. Think about patterns, specific designs, textures, colours,… This sampling results in fingerprints.

In a second phase the system will automatically flag anything that doesn’t match the expected fingerprint as an error.

Line scan camera delivers precision

In order to extract detailed information from this process, Visiongeek uses a line scan camera. This camera is able to capture high resolution images at a high speed and from a relatively large distance . This solution offers you an in line error detection. It is not necessary to make changes to your existing setup.

The 16K line scan camera divides the width that needs to be inspected by 16.000 pixels. This results in a submillimeter measuring accuracy. This means that this solution is able to detect even the smallest defects at very high speeds of several 100 meters per minute.

Depending on the requests of our clients regarding precision, speed and width, that needs to be inspected, Visiongeek chooses the best performing components.

Vision technology learns a wide range of patterns

Even in industries where there is no knowledge about used materials, this vision system is able to learn a wide range of patterns, recognising them and detecting errors. All high resolution footage and measurements can be saved in a database.

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Inspecting a wide range of patterns?