People detection system

People detection system

Do you want to meet the high safety standards, without downsizing the efficiency, speed or quality of your production and/or logistic activities?

Visiongeek developed a vision solution, which can be installed in order to make the human interaction safer, while loading or unloading containers at docks or in semi-automated environments. The biggest asset: tracking people under any circumstances; day and night, during winter- and summertime, inside and outside.

Save lives thanks to the multi-view set-up

Avoiding risks is only possible if there is insight in the situation, in the field.

Thanks to a multi-view set-up of cameras, we get the insight we need. Therefore it is utterly important to position those cameras precisely. Because a correct position makes it possible to exclude blind angles and merge different images to one overarching image.

Besides the set-up, it is necessary to capture both 2D and 3D information. This results in a solid solution. Why? Profound information makes it possible to distinguish people from moving objects, like e.g. cranes, containers, heavy transport,…

New methods serve as additional safety margin

Visiongeek developed their proper calibration methods in order to map bigger volumes and to roll out extremely precise measurements. Based on this information, the system is able to track the exact position of objects and people within that large volume. On top of that it is able to distinguish people from these objects.

Adding statistic intelligence makes it possible to analyse movement patterns. This is a big asset, when it comes to excluding false interpretations. Think about birds flying over, for example. In addition, it avoids false alarms and it expands the features of our system. Which makes people detection even more solid.

Report risks proactively

Even when people are standing still or moving out of our scope, this vision system can identify and report their location. The software saves all data and measurements in a database, which can serve as a monitoring tool. The added value of this information can be useful when assessing the situation and reporting imminent danger. This under any circumstances: day and night, winter and summertime, indoors and outdoors.

You want to be one step ahead of imminent danger? Vision technology offers a wide range of possibilities. Stay tuned and sign in to our newsletter or contact us for more information. Together we can determine the best solution.

REPORT risks proactively