Prebuilt Solutions

Visiongeek develops standard solutions

Prebuilt solutions

We developed recently for a number of customers tailor made detection systems. But certain production processes have similar properties. Keeping this aspect in mind, we can adjust certain components and/or software to provide a standard vision system meeting your specific requirements and wishes.

Jump into the possibilities. Do you see similarities? Please contact us! Together we figure out the most efficient solution.

Multi-detection machine checks packaging in detail

Each product intended for sale, must be provided with the appropriate product information. A correct labelling is therefore required! Are you responsible for quality and production controls? Reduce packaging errors, with the Multi-detection machine. A compact installation, which can be integrated easily in your production environment.

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Precise dimension control, thanks to In line dimension tracker

In a production environment it is often difficult to detect small imperfections, captured from a larger distance. Thanks to the In line dimension tracker it is possible to carry out controls in line, in terms of dimensions and defects. How we achieve extremely precise results?

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People detection system increases safety

Don’t let imminent danger interfere with yous schedule. Visiongeek launched a solution which is able to report risks proactively. Both our software and multi-view set-up of our cameras offer additional safety margins.

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Inspect a wide range of patterns and detect errors

Is your business unit facing problems inspecting a continuous supply of large surfaces at a speed of 100 meters per minute or even more? Visiongeek developed a machine vision system, focused on pattern recognition.

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Inspect curved objects with vision technology

Your production is running at full capacity. A huge quantity of curved objects with different characteristics, such as shape, colour, diameter or height are passing at high speed. These circumstances make it difficult to detect small imperfections. A rotation platform and high resolution footage gives full insight.

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